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Grady Houger

Condo for sale.
Maple Glen, 2715 West Maplewood.
700 sq foot, two bedroom, one bath.
clean and undamaged
Washer and drier in unit
full kitchen
Built in exercise, it is on the third floor, and there is no elevator.
Nice view from patio.

2 minute walk to closest bus stop, 5 minute walk to the Birchwood bus stop and shopping center. It was about a 20 minute bus ride to WWU, or a 40 minute slow bicycle ride. Whatcom Falls CC was somewhat closer. The condo is a two minute drive from I-5, and 15 minutes from WWU.

Currently I have two renters, until the place sells, or even after if you want them. They can show the unit most any time.

Like most people these days, I'm selling for less than I have in the property. Email me for my phone number and let's make a deal.
living room living room empty hall larger bedroom high shot smaller bedroom high shot smaller bedroom low shot kitchen view from kitchen
180 degree view out the entry door. view out front door
Normal view out the entry door. view from larger bedroom
View from larger bedroom window. view from patio 1
Photos from the deck. view from patio 2 front of building sunset on patio

Here are some squirrel shots taken from the patio. Click here for my best shots of Bellingham.
black squirrel hop cha-ching! sq on branch high five